SPIN - Solar Power Inspection

In the SPIN programme space4environment and Foersom Sàrl offers inspection of solar photovoltaic panel arrays.

  • Aerial inspection of complete power station and parks of solar PV panels.
  • Precise and detailed inspection of 1000s of panels in one flight operation.
  • Pre-programmed flight path assures complete and verifiable coverage of survey.
  • Inspection with thermo-graphic and visual camera allow to detect and determine cause of PV panel malfunction.
  • Thermo-graphic camera with high resolution 300K pixels (equivalent to VGA / PAL D1 resolution).
  • After aerial inspection and recording our survey specialists perform post-processing and image analyse to find and classify PV panel problems. All panel issues are documented with panel position and images in a concise report.
Download brochure (PDF), version DE.

SPIN - the smart and efficient method to optimize solar PV power generation.

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