Flight Service

The FASE service is ready for your projects in:

  • Visual inspection of towers, masts, roof tops and hard to reach locations.
  • Photo documentation of building sites and infrastructure.
  • Company presentations with air photos and film.
  • Filming and photographing for advertisement.
  • Architecture and landscape photography.

Visit the gallery for examples of usage.

The FASE UAS is a micro-copter, a miniature helicopter, that can take-off and land most anywhere with minimal space requirements.

The FASE flight service provides rental of the micro-copter together with a skilled pilot, that operate the micro-copter flight from the ground by remote control. Live video transmission from the micro-copter allows precise navigation close to towers, buildings and other point of interests.

Photographing and filming at up to 50 m height above ground.


FASE flight service provides you access to the sky, without the complications, risks and costs of cranes, cherry-pickers or helicopters. Rather the FASE Micro-Copter is a flexible, quick to deploy and affordable service for aerial photography and filming.

The micro-copter can fly with your camera or alternatively you can choose to use a video camera supplied by FASE. The micro-copter has a camera gimbal with active stabilisation and with space for a Canon or Nikon DSLR camera. Camera can be remote controlled.

For flight service reservation contact Foersom Sàrl today.

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