Industrial Inspection

FASE Micro-Copter provides inspection service for industry, infrastructure and construction sectors that delivers you detailed photos of difficult to access locations.


Inspection by FASE Micro-Copter avoids the need for complex, expensive and difficult to place cranes on the ground. FASE Micro-Copter performs visual inspection of towers, masts, building roof tops and other tall constructions. Inspection by FASE Micro-Copter keep inspection operators safe on ground, rather than at risky work at high locations.

When working with FASE Micro-Copter your inspection operator will be able to participate in the inspection task through a separate ground station with a live video feed from the micro-copter. Your inspection operator will assist in directing the FASE Micro-Copter pilot towards the points that need to be inspected.

Depending on inspection task also independent inspection by the FASE Micro-Copter team without inspection operator can be arranged.

Inspection with video and thermo-graphic / infra-red camera can be arranged.


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