How To Transport Octo-Copter by Car

The octo-copter has frame size of 95 cm diameter. It fits into the back of a standard car, e.g. VW Golf, when the rear seat is folded down.

As the octo-copter is somewhat tall and has its mass centre high up, it is not stable on its own when driving the car. When turning the micro-copter risk falling over. To proper secure the fragile micro-copter it needs to be tied down.

Use a camping table size 80*60 cm with folding legs. When folded its thickness is just ~4 cm. Its mass ~6 kg is more than the micro-copter without battery and camera.

At each end of the table two luggage elastics are placed around the table. These also hold the folded legs tight to the backside.

The micro-copter legs have feet that gives a bit of an edge at the the tip of the legs. At each leg cross the two elastics once before putting the leg through the elastics. The small edge on the foot is enough to hold the micro-copter fixed to the table.

The mass of the table assures that micro-copter stays safely fixated during transport and does not move a cm.


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Edited: 2015-08-29