Swedish Dictionary in Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox

The email client Thunderbird and the Internet browser Firefox can spell check if a dictionary is installed. Dictionaries for multiple languages can be installed.

Swedish spellingcheck: Swedish Dictionary

For a longer time during 2012 and 2013 there was no updated Swedish dictionary. Only by using a work-around method older dictionaries were available and installation is described in the text below, but its use is no longer recommmended. The text is kept as an outdated reference.

Outdated information, not recommend to use

Usually a dictionary is installed by opening Add-ons menu, then in the search field write the English name of the language, e.g. German for Deutsch, to search for a dictionary.

For unknown reasons there is no Swedish dictionary to be found, even though this used to be available through the normal add-on menu search.

Nevertheless, it is possible to install a Swedish dictionary.

Dictionary as XPI file

Extensions for Thunderbird and Firefox are in XPI files. It is possible to manually download a XPI file and install it. The most recent version of the Swedish dictionary is called "svensk_ordlista-1.49-tb+sm+fx.xpi" (2011-12-19) and can be found online. It is available on the FTP server at Mozilla as addons 3064.

URL: Mozilla FTP folder for Swedish dictionary

The dictionary works with current (April 2013) Thunderbird version 17 and Firefox version 20. It also works all earlier versions of these applications from version 3.0 and above.

Install in Thunderbird

Download the XPI file to a local folder, e.g. D:\Download, by context-click and select "Save as...", use this link:

Download: Svensk Ordlista 1.49

In Thunderbird open Add-ons manager. With Thunderbird 17 default menu layout click menu button, then "Add-ons". For classic Thunderbird layout with menu bar (e.g. Thunderbird 14) use Tools - "Add-ons".

With Windows File Explorer go to folder D:\Downloads and drag the XPI file into the Thunderbird Add-ons manager window in an empty area e.g. at the top a few cm left of the search field. A window named "Software Installation" will open. Wait a few seconds, click on "Install Now".

To make the extension active, restart Thunderbird by clicking the "Restart Now" button at the top of the window.

Thunderbird Add-ons Manager with Swedish dictionary
Thunderbird Add-ons

Install in Firefox

The dictionary can be installed directly from Internet. Use Firefox browser and click on this link to start installation: Svensk Ordlista 1.49

Alternatively, if the dictionary file is already downloaded, the similar drag-and-drop procedure as described for Thunderbird can be used to start the installation in Firefox.

A window named "Software Installation" will open. Wait a few seconds, click on "Install Now".

After installation to make the extension active, restart Firefox by clicking the "Restart Now" button at the top of the window.

Alternative solution

Since May 2013 there is also another Swedish dictionary available in the normal Add-on installation. Search for "Den stora svenska ordlistan"

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