MikroKopter Software Versions

Latest release version of software and firmware: 2.20 (January 2018)

MikroKopter (MK) software release versions have even minor number, e.g. 2.14. Versions with odd minor number are beta versions, e.g. 2.15.

For normal flight operations, it is recommended to use a release version.

Release versions

List and links to all releases of software and firmware.

Beta versions

The latest beta version is available at Public Beta.

SVN, SubVersion Repositories

Hex files, compiled versions and source code: SVN

Hardware requirements for software

  • FlightCtrl V2.1, V2.2, V2.5 and V3.0 can use latest firmware.
  • FlightCtrl V2.0 uses MCU 644 chip, it can use firmware up to 2.12.
  • FlightCtrl V1.x can use firmware up to 2.00.
  • All NaviCtrl can use latest firmware.

Since software 2.00, PC KopterTool, FlightCtrl firmware and NaviCtrl firmware must all have same version to run.


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