FASE Micro-Copter offers flight service with thermographic camera. Aerial inspection for:

  • Building energy and isolation testing
  • Detailed inspection of multi-floor buildings and roof-tops
  • Water and fluid leak detection
  • Inspection of industrial heat and power systems
  • Fault finding in power stations and power transmission network

For aerial thermography inspection the FASE Micro-Copter provides flight service with both thermographic camera and visual camera. The thermo-graphic camera has high resolution 300K pixels (equivalent to VGA / PAL D1 resolution) and records thermo-graphic video. A visual camera mounted next to the thermographic camera records a visual video to assist the inspection.

The precision flight and stability of the FASE octo-copter makes it easy to perform detailed inspection of multi-floor buildings, of roof-tops and close-up industrial inspection.

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For Solar PV panel inspection with thermography, see SPIN.