Hello World

Simple app to show the basics of Delphi form, buttons, variables and events.

Developed using Delphi 10.

The Zip file includes all source files and the compiled application. The files are:
Hello.dproj: Project meta data in XML. Delphi creates and maintains this file. Open this file in Delphi to open project.
Hello.dpr: Project source. Pascal text file. Delphi creates and maintains this file. For simple apps no need to edit this file.
Main.frm: Form (window) with GUI controls like text output and buttons. Delphi maintains this file. File is in text (preferred) or binary (avoid) format.
Main.pas: Unit of Form, with Pascal source of Main unit.This is the file you edit to add code to the app. Text file.
Hello.exe: A compiled version of the app. Can be started like a normal Windows application.




License: CC-BY 4.0. Freeware, no warranty. Software Disclaimer.

Tags: Delphi, Object Pascal, Programming

Page link: <http://foersom.org/SwDev/Delphi/Hello.html>

Edited: 2023-11-28