Save Images from the Internet

Images on WWW site can be saved to the user's harddisk (local harddisk) for later off-line use.

Single Image

To save a single image to a local harddisk using Firefox browser, move cursor over image and context-click (right-click), select "Save Image As..."

Multiple Images

To save all images on a page, the most easy method is to save the whole page. In Firefox select menu File - "Save Page As...".

After saving to local directory, there might be many more files that just the image files, e.g. html files, page layout graphics etc.. Usually the photos can easily be found by looking for the image files with the largest sizes.

Context-menu Disabled

Some Internet sites do not want users to save the images of the site. One method to prevent the user from saving images is to include a JavaScript function on the WWW page that changes the context-click menu so some menu-items are missing.

In Firefox it is possible to prevent scripts from changing the context-menu. Select menu Tools - Options - Content. Click on Advanced... and a window titled "Advanced JavaScript Settings" will appear. Untick the check-box "Disable or replace context menus".

It should be noted when disabling context menu changes, some WWW applications e.g. Google Apps will be missing context menu functions.

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Edited: 2012-05-20