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Electric Vehicle Lap Times

Timing one lap of driving on the Nürburgring Nordschleife provides a good measure of car performance, including acceleration, top speed, cornering and general handling.

The race track Nürburgring is located in Deutschland about 80 km south of Köln. It consists of two separate race tracks:

The Nordschleife is located just north of the Grand Prix circuit. It is open for public access to drive one round after payment of ticket. These tourist drives (DE: Touristenfahrten) are a popular way for private people to test their own car on a racetrack. Many drivers are on the track at the same time. The length of the tourist drive is nearly a full lap of Nordschleife except for a section at entry and exit points. The time measured is known as a Bridge-To-Gantry (BTG) time = full lap - 1.7 km = 19.1 km.

For a proper full lap test a company will rent the whole Nordschleife racetrack to do solo test of the complete lap (20.8 km). Lap times are sometimes measured 200 m shorter (20.6 km) due to safety reason.

The table below covers lap times only for electric vehicles.


Date Car BTG
Full Lap
Video Link
2019-06-03 VW ID-R
Prof. driver: Romain Dumas
6:05.336 Onboard video Press release
News video
2017-05-12 NextEv NIO EP9
Prof. driver: Peter Dumbreck
(= Full - 23s)
6:45.900 Onboard video
2016-10-14 NextEv NIO EP9 ~6:40
(= Full - 25s)
7:05.120 Onboard video Teaser video
2012-08-xx Toyota TMG EV P002 7:22.32 Onboard video Intro video
2019-08-26 Porsche Taycan Turbo
Prof. driver: Lars Kern
(20.6 km)
Onboard video Teaser video
News article
2015-05-22 Electric RaceAbout (E-RA) 7:44.89
(20.6 km)
Onboard video
2013-06-06 Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive
Prof. driver: Markus Hofbauer
(= Full - 26s)
7:56.234 Onboard video Review
2012-06-26 Audi R8 E-Tron
Prof. driver: Markus Winkelhock
8:09.099 Onboard video Video,
Tech intro
2011-04-27 Peugeot EX1 9:01.34 Video Article
2015-07-23 Tesla S P85D,
amateur driver
8:50 ~9:20
(= BTG + 30s)
Onboard video
2019-04-08 Tesla 3 Performance,
amateur driver
9:00 ~9:30
(= BTG + 30s)
Onboard video
2010-04-12 Mini E (2010), 150 kW
Video Prep video
2019-10-xx Jaguar I-Pace
Rain, prof. driver: Dale Lomas, Race Taxi
10:33 ~11:07
(= BTG + 34s)
Onboard video
2018-09-22 BMW I3 REx, batt. 60 Ah (80 MJ)
electric only drive, amateur driver
10:41 ~11:22
(= BTG + 41s)
Onboard video
2015-06-xx VW E-Golf (2015), 85 kW,
amateur driver
10:50 ~11:34
(= BTG + 44s)
Onboard video
2013-06-30 Smart Fortwo electric drive, 30 kW,
amateur driver
10:56 ~11:47
(= BTG + 51s)
Onboard video
2013-08-xx Renault Zoe, Q90, 66 kW,
amateur driver
11:18 ~12:02
(= BTG + 44s)
Onboard video
2017-07-xx VW E-Up,
amateur driver
11:20 ~12:07
(= BTG + 47s)
Onboard video
2018-07-16 BMW I3 REx, batt. 60 Ah (80 MJ)
electric only drive, amateur driver
11:42 ~12:25
(= BTG + 43s)
Onboard video
2012-02-21 Peugeot Ion
Snow on track, TopGear Italy driver
17:39.62 Onboard video

List of Nordschleife lap times for all cars.

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